Business automation will make your life easier. 

Don't lose out on potential clients, just because you are already busy.  

Business Automation can save you hours each day and double the amount of business that you convert.  Business Automation handles tasks that otherwise you would be doing manually, like sending quotes and following up with potential customers.  

Think of Business Automation as your personal assistant, who's job is to find and filter clients who actually want to do business with you.  What good does it do for you to spend time manually following up with someone who will never buy?  None.

Is business automation a personal experience for a potential client?

Most of the time, no.  However, here at NERD MKTG, we have refined ways to automate business processes that are catered to each customer uniquely.  Our automation processes look and feel as though you are taking time out of your day, to follow-up and answer any questions a customer might have.  With our process, customers would never think that you are using Ai to reach back out and gain their business.

Can business automation complete complex tasks?

Yes, from the initial contact, to receiving a credit card, it is possible to automate every element of a sales funnel.  With that said, it does take time.  When we work with a client, our main goal is to automate the tasks that interrupt your day, the second step is creating a follow-up process that will keep people from going elsewhere.  Once we have completed those two steps, the third part of automation, is sales automation.  Once you have reached this third and final step, it is possible to get paying customers, all day, every day for your business.