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Here’s what our clients are saying about us…

“Our website was in the 1990s, now it’s useful and profitable. Thank you for the great work!”

- Vaughn, Lexington, Kentucky

“Please feel free to have people call me for a reference. This site is working incredibly well.”

- Bret, Detroit, Michigan

“I am so glad I hired you guys.”

- Brandon, Pikeville, Kentucky

Interesting Fact: NERD MKTG only accepts ONE dental practice per market.


The elements we use to grow your practice online.


A Scientifically Designed Dental Website

Your practice is your practice

Maybe it’s because we are nerds, maybe it’s because we are brand strategists; but when dental practices use website templates that everyone else uses… It befuddles us. Now, when it comes to “best practices” of building a website, sure there are rules that need to be followed; but outside of those rules, a site should be built to showcase your unique brand and set you apart from the competition. While many dental practices are “similar”, it doesn’t mean their site should be exactly like the one in the next county over. At NERD, we build websites that are useful, beautiful, content filled, and distinguish your site and brand from everyone else. In our minds, that is the only way to build a website.

Beautiful and Responsive

Your website is where your practice lives online. A properly designed website is beautifully branded, communicates your voice to potential and current customers, is easily navigable, and is responsive to all devices. Did you know that over 60% of your web visitors are viewing your site from their phone? If your site is currently not mobile responsive, or does not look professional on mobile, you are losing tens of thousands of dollars each month.

SEO-Minded Content

In 2018, it’s not enough to have a website that looks professional. Professional looking sites do not take you to the top of the search results. Only when you focus on building your site for SEO, will your site rank where you want it to rank. Anyone can get on the first page with an elementary web company; but to rank 1-4 (where 50% of all clicks occur) science must be taken into consideration. At NERD MKTG, we know exactly how to get your site ranked 1-4 in the ORGANIC results for your relevant search terms. Keep in mind, SEO is a long-term strategy that doesn’t happen overnight; but we have done this for businesses ranking for international keywords for 7 years. There is no substitute for experience.


A scientifically designed website drives action. For a dental practice, that action could be scheduling an appointment, or filling out paperwork prior to a patients first visit. A website that does not drive action, or give visitors a way to take an action is a useless brochure. The nerds at NERD are conversion experts. We understand the value of a dollar, and will help you bring your site into the future of online.

Optimized Landing Pages

Your home page is not enough.

The key to becoming relevant for organic searches, and paid searches is creating pages that correspond to relevant keywords.

A short story of how 99% of the industry programs their ads. In this example, your potential customer types “Laser Teeth Whitening Service” into Google. Within seconds, she is presented with the results. At the top of the page, there are 3 ads from various providers, she has been thinking about this for a while and is ready to move, so she clicks the top result. In fact 70% of active buyers use 1 of the first 4 results on the page. The ad reads “Laser Teeth Whitening Service - $249 Come In Today!” Our anonymous user clicks on the compelling ad, and lands on the home page of a dentistry that provides dentures, crowns, implants, and whitening. Where is the button to schedule her WHITENING appointment? She doesn’t want to read about crowns… She wants to schedule her appointment.

Instead, when she clicked on the ad, she should have landed on a page that talked specifically about teeth whitening, what to expect, answered any questions she had, and provided an easy way to schedule her appointment.

That experience, the one that provides clarity, is known as an optimized landing page.

So, what is an Optimized Landing Page?

An optimized landing page is one that is built to focus on one topic, and one conversion opportunity. In the case of Laser Teeth Whitening, an optimized landing page would be geared specifically for that keyword. It would present the visitor with relevant teeth whitening information, it would be mobile responsive, it would answer questions, it would give social proof, and also give them an easy way to schedule their appointment or consultation. Optimized Landing Pages are useful for paid advertising, as well as SEO growth.

Targeted Pay Per Click Marketing

Targeting your ideal customer.

In order to maximize results from a pay per click marketing campaign, it is crucial to target only the visitors who are actively looking to engage with your business. It’s easy for anyone to drive traffic through ppc marketing; but it’s increasingly difficult to target your ideal customer. At NERD, our focus is on the latter. Through years of testing and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on PPC ads, we’ve developed a scientific way to target only your ideal customer, direct them to the appropriate landing pages, increase conversions, and grow your bottom line.

Ad Copy.

When a user searches a specific keyword, it is necessary to have the copy align with that keyword. For instance, if a user searched “Laser Teeth Whitening” it would not be appropriate to show them an ad with copy about dentures, or even just your practice name. It’s only appropriate to show them your ads geared towards Laser Whitening.

Targeted Landing Page and Conversion Opportunity.

When a user types a specific keyword into a search engine, they are telling you exactly what they are looking for. This is also known as INTENT. Rather than doing what 99% of your competitors do, we send those visitors to landing pages of your site that deal with exactly what they are looking for. A useful page, designed to allow them to learn more about what they are considering. Take this landing page for example, the one you are currently on. Did you notice there is no navigation? This was done on purpose… You came here to learn about marketing your dental practice, you aren’t here to learn more about marketing your construction rental business. The same applies to dental services and your visitors. The ONLY way to run advertising is with optimized landing pages. Fortunately, we are experts on landing pages and have generated many millions of dollars through them since 2012.

Retargeted Marketing

Just because they leave, doesn’t mean they’re lost.

Have you ever left a website, gone to Youtube or a news outlet, and saw an ad for the site you just left? That is called Retargeted marketing, and it really, really works. In fact, properly designed retargeted marketing can double or triple the amount of leads brought through a website.

At NERD, our mission is to design landing pages with an initial 30-40% conversion rate. Meaning that when someone uses a paid advertising link to visit your site, we ideally want to convert 1 of 3 visitors through a form or an appointment scheduler. If you have read anything about online advertising before, you will find that most companies claim that even a 10% conversion rate is pretty decent. To us, that is pitiful and sad. We have many sites that hit 50-55% daily, and your practice and offerings will be no different. Typically, in the beginning stages, as we are working to refine your keywords and landing pages, we will hit our threshold of 15%. We have never hit less than this target. How? Because we are nerds, and we strive for perfection in everything we do.

However, that is just the start. For the visitor who leaves, we strive for a 20-40% conversion rate. Therefore, our aim is to convert 2 of 3 visitors that hit your site. That takes us into the 65-70% conversion range. Another fascinating fact is that the initial click in search can cost anywhere from $4-$20; but the retargeting click that causes a lost visitor to return and convert can cost as little as $.10-$.30 cents.

Successful Retargeting Strategies

While there are many ways to retarget a visitor, the most successful strategies that we have found are Display, Youtube, and Facebook.

Display ads, otherwise known as image ads, are image ads that show up on sites viewed by your lost visitor. Oftentimes, these images will convey an offer, such as “Book your laser teeth whitening service today and save $50”. These display ads could also be used to simply display your brand.

Youtube retargeting is great for practices where video is a priority. If you have promotional videos or commercials you have created in the past, fantastic. If not, no worries, our professional staff of videographers and designers will help you to create videos that highlight your practice and product offerings. Youtube retargeting is one of the most effective ways to engage a non-converting visitor and showcase the product or service they are most interested in.

Facebook retargeting is one of the most underutilized marketing tools on the planet. Here is how it works… Let’s say a visitor views your “Laser Teeth Whitening Service” page and leaves after 20 seconds. They go to a news outlet to read about the latest political post, your ad will appear here, they missed it, engrossed in what they are reading. They leave, they go to facebook to see what’s going on. When they land on facebook, we can show them an offer they can’t resist for your teeth whitening service. This type of click can cost as little as $.20 cents to $2.00.

Data Aggregation

Why do we work with one practice per market?

Many agencies have multiple clients of the same type in the same area. To us, that’s silly. Our marketing strategies are designed to grow your business, and beat your competition. When you become a client of NERD MKTG, you become part of something much larger. Our platform, SUPR NERD, analyzes data across similar businesses in your industry. We compare targeting methods, bid strategy, ad copy, lead magnets, click through rates, landing pages, scroll patterns, conversion rates, appointment schedulers, follow-ups, phone trees… To put it simply, we analyze this data to help us make better decisions for you, our client. While we customize your site for your specific region and demographics, the data allows us to refine strategies to get the most out of every dollar spent and maximize your results. We aren’t in this to make a quick buck, we are here to build a network of profitable businesses over the long-haul.

Our Philosophy As An Agency

Written by Ross Hill, Founder and Director Of Strategy

“I started NERD MKTG after successfully running scientific ad strategies for my own businesses. As a business owner myself, I understand the value of a dollar and my philosophy with NERD is to treat every client’s business as if it was my own. After having met with many agencies for my companies over the years, I came to the realization that there is a major difference between how I spend ad dollars, and how they spend ad dollars. Because the money was always mine, I treated it more carefully. My mentality was that even when testing a strategy, I had to double my investment. Years later, thousands of hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent and millions collected in leads and sales, I know how to turn $300 into $5000, always. Most ad agencies however are used to spending other people’s money, so they simply don’t take it as seriously. Measly results are typically alright with them if their client is none-the-wiser.

Our overarching philosophy at NERD is to treat your business, as if it was our own. We guarantee results, we guarantee growth, and we guarantee that you will be absolutely thrilled with our efforts. At the end of the day, as our client, you will always, without question, know that we have your best interests in mind. We aren’t here to take your money, we are here to be your partner. We are here to be your nerd, in the background, making things happen that you never thought possible.”