A Different Kind Of Digital Marketing Agency.

NERD MKTG was founded by entrepreneurs who learned the art of marketing by growing their own businesses. We intimately understand the life of an entrepreneur and the value of every dollar. Every dollar spent in advertising MUST produce significant ROI. Our mission is not simply to be a digital marketing agency that helps produce decent results, our mission is to be long-term partners of our clients and help them accomplish their goals. We become champions of our clients that they can count on to guide them through the often confusing world of digital marketing.

Our Marketing Toolbox.

Check out a short list of the tools we commonly use to transform brands online.


Web Design

Most websites are useless brochures that don’t have much impact on your bottom line. At NERD, we design websites that convert customers. We turn your website into your most valuable salesperson.



Have you ever visited, and then left a website only to see their ads on a youtube video or alongside a news article? This is called retargeting, and it absolutely, 100% works. Retargeting is one of the lowest cost and highest converting methods of advertising online.


Search Engine Optimization

Properly executed SEO increases your visibility online across all relevant searches. We use white-hat SEO strategies to take our customers to the top of page 1.


Landing Page Optimization

The biggest problem that we see with businesses that have tried online marketing is their landing pages really stink. When someone clicks on a paid ad, it should land them on a page that is designed to turn them into paying customers.


Pay Per Click

PPC campaigns can be your greatest source of constant customers, or they can be your biggest headache. We are masters of PPC and help our clients generate consistent leads every day, all day.


Business Automation

From instantly following up on business inquiries, to booking appointments and closing sales, business automation can radically transform how you view online sales. We work with our clients to refine their processes, and find ways to take advantage of automation.


Written by our founder:

“I learned the art of digital advertising while running a company that manufactured, sold, and rented photo booths all over the globe. Digital marketing turned my business from one that generated $100,000+ per year in revenue pre-advertising into one that did well into the 7 figures with around $40,000 being spent on advertising to acquire that business. What I learned allowed me to sell my business and found NERD. I knew that I had stumbled onto something that should be shared with entrepreneurs in all industries, and I also knew that I came at it through a different lens because I am a business owner.

When you work with NERD, you aren’t working with your stereotypical advertising agency. You are working with a team that values every dollar spent, and desires to make your entire business better by providing you with lifeblood needed to consistently grow.”

The Best Digital Marketing Agency In Colorado Springs.

A quick search of digital agencies in Colorado Springs will reveal many options. Why are we the best? Because we think differently. A professional digital marketing agency shouldn’t exist solely for profit, it should exist to grow the profits of it’s customers. We are customer-focused and believe we offer the highest quality marketing products around. Our clients receive service that is unparalleled. From PPC Management to SEO, our agency exists to make your business more money.