What is NERD MKTG?

NERD MKTG provides scientific digital marketing services to businesses of all kinds.  We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado; but work with clients all over the United States.  


NERD MKTG was founded by entrepreneurs with a passion for growing businesses through targeted scientific marketing strategies.  We understand the importance of ROI, and the value of a dollar.  Whether you are looking for ways to reach your customers online or in person, we will come up with a cost effective strategy to grow your business and reach your ideal customer.

Letter from our founder.

"I never understood the saying, "you have to spend money, to make money" until about 9 years into my entrepreneurial journey.  At the time, I was running a business that manufactured, sold, and rented equipment all over the globe; but had not spent a single dollar in advertising.  There came a time when it was absolutely necessary to acquire more customers on a regular basis, or we would go out of business.  We couldn't afford to hire a marketing firm, so I decided to "go back to school" in a sense, and gain the education that I was lacking.  For the next two years, I dedicated thousands of hours to learning and testing principles of online marketing that had major impacts on my business and my employees. 

What I learned transformed our business into the most recognizable company (within our industry) on the internet.  We received many millions of dollars of leads, with only a fraction of that amount being spent on advertising.  I knew that I had stumbled onto something that should be shared with others. Thus, NERD MKTG was born.

NERD MKTG is not an advertising agency that exists to take people's money.  NERD MKTG was built for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to see real results and grow their businesses through scientifically proven strategies.  We understand how to turn $1 into $10, every time, always.  We base everything we do on proven ROI, not fluff.

If you are currently running or managing a business, and you feel lost in this vast landscape of online marketing, we are here for you and look forward to helping you grow your business into one you are proud of.


Ross C Hill, founder of NERD MKTG, CEO and Director of Client Strategy.

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