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The Elements Of Professional PPC Management

1. Laser Focused Keywords + Audience - Unless you enjoy throwing money down the drain, a truly professional PPC campaign should capture the attention of only potential customers who are most likely to buy what you are selling.

2. Strategic Ad Copy - The copy (text) for each ad should quickly grab the attention of your potential customer. Furthermore, the keywords within the ad should directly correlate with keywords on the landing page. Keyword alignment increases Click Through Rate and Quality Score, which lowers your CPC (cost per click).

3. Landing Pages Designed To Convert - Our motto for landing pages is clarity over cleverness. As an advertiser, your message must be clear as to what you provide, why you are the right choice, and give them an easy way to purchase or get in touch with you for more information.

4. Retargeting - A potential customer lands on your page, they like what you have to offer; but they are still shopping so they click away from your page. Ok, so what? It happens. Retargeted advertising is one of the lowest cost but highest converting forms of advertising. These ads are shown to previous visitors of specific pages on your website, leading them right back to you when they are ready to go. Properly executed retargeting can double or even triple your conversion rates.

Grow your business with the right PPC Management partner.

(written by our founder)

For years, I was approached by PPC Marketing firms to do business with my companies; but their pitch to me always had one basic problem. They always asked me the exact same question.  What is your budget?  Now, at first glance, this seems like a reasonable question; however once you understand the principles of Pay Per Click marketing, this is the absolute wrong question to ask.

What question should they have asked?  Well, technically, they should have asked three.  "What is your margin on an average sale?  How much can you afford to spend to acquire 1 new customer?  What is the lifetime value of a customer?"  The point of online advertising is not to JUST be visible.  The point of online marketing, specifically PPC, is to CONVERT customers.  After spending thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars learning how to successfully market my own companies, I wanted to share this knowledge with people outside my inner circle.

When you hire NERD MKTG as your PPC Marketing partner, you won't be hiring another ad agency looking to take your money, you will be hiring an expert who has learned through trial and error to become successful in this field.  PPC Marketing completely changed my life and my outlook on business.  It gained me new customers, more profit, and a new respect for the power of search.

We will work with you to analyze your market, the searches currently in your market that would serve you well, and your prospective landing pages to convert those customers.  We will take that research, and build a plan of execution to implement our findings.  And the final result will be that you have a site that brings you new business all day, every day.