Have you ever visited and left a site, only to see that exact sites advertisement on YouTube, a news outlet or elsewhere?

Well, my friends, that is what we call re-targeted marketing.  Re-targeted marketing is one of the lowest cost forms of marketing, with the biggest ROI.  Re-targeted marketing can be shown to customers who find your site through paid search, or organic search, after they leave!  Who better to advertise to, than someone who has already considered your business?

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Fact: The average website converts less than 10% of customers on their first visit.

Research has shown that websites that use the right re-targeting strategies, convert 20-30% of those potentially lost sales.  

We recommend many best practices for SEO; but we also know that many businesses rely on paid-search to thrive.  An initial click might cost as much as $4-$20; but a properly targeted remarketing click could cost as little as $.20-$1.00.  

A properly designed website should include proper SEO, PPC, and re-targeting principles, to achieve maximum results.

Let the experts at NERD MKTG help you achieve maximum ROI by implementing these tactics used by multi-national corporations who want to eat your lunch.