Our design process.

The first step to designing a great website for a client is knowing who they are, what they sell, and who they want to reach.  Without clearly defining these things, we would never be able to do your site any justice.  Many website design firms take the shot-gun approach, where-in they think strictly about the design of the site. 

NERD MKTG is different.  Our goal is create a site that accurately reflects your brand, speaks your voice to your visitors to let them know who you are, and eventually lead them to take action/convert.  

At NERD MKTG, you and your brand, are #1.  We just want to help you tell you story and grow your business through proven strategies.

We design elegant websites that are easy to use, and increase conversions.

Using best practices for SEO and navigation, we design sites that allow users to find what they are looking for, and sites that search engines can easily recognize as legitimate.

Did you know that over 60% of people visiting your site, are visiting from their mobile phone?  Every website we design takes this fact into consideration.  If your guests cannot use your site because it's not optimized for mobile, you are missing customers. 

What is a conversion?

Conversion means something different for every client.  If you sell or rent merchandise online, a conversion would be a sale or a rental reservation.  However, if you are looking for customers, a conversion would be a lead, or a potential customer.  If you are a restaurant or a brewery, a conversion would be designing a site that gives people information about your brand, in an appealing way, that would make them want to visit.

Bottom Line: All brands benefit from a conversion-minded site.  The point of a website online is to drive ACTION.  Most brands get this wrong, they design sites that are pretty, but they do not drive any action after the fact.  No matter what line of business you are in, you will get more customers with a conversion-minded, beautifully branded, website.

Beautiful websites, start with beautiful content.

Some brands have beautiful content; but they just don't know how to lay it out.  However, most brands have no content, or poor content.  If this is the case for you, NERD MKTG employs skilled contractors for design, photo, and video.  We will help you build the content needed to create a beautiful site.

Did you know that Google ranks organic search results on the following criteria:

-Authority of site links associated with your site

-Relevant content

-Usability of your website

-Desktop site speed

-Mobile optimization and speed

When you work with NERD MKTG, you are working with NERDs who care about all of the details.  

Can I make changes to my site over time, once you build it?

Yes!  Our goal with every website build is to give you the best possible platform to launch from.  When we complete a project, you will have a finished site that you can leave as-is for many years; however our value doesn't stop there. 

Some website design firms pride themselves on completely custom sites that are essentially designed to lock customers into using them for years and years.  With our site design service, we build the site on platforms that will eventually be under your command.  Yes, we are available for continual development and updates; but at the end of the day, if you want to change a word, add a blog post, or change the color of a button, you can do it on your own.  We train you on the basics of the platform, and give you the "keys to the kingdom".